Norwater AS Fresh Water Maker Systems

ASI is now an Official Norwater Agent!

Today Norwater AS is focusing on two vital product groups. The first is the fresh water maker which is a product developed and manufactured by using reverse osmosis for producing potable water from sea water. We are also able to assist with surveys of complete drinking water systems, or before new or retrofit installations.

The Norwater range of Reverse Osmosis Systems is a range of products developed and manufactured in Norway on the basis of a well- known process which has been under constant development since the first experimental systems were introduced in 1950´s.

In general terms, the process is a *reverse process* based on the natural osmotic pressure difference between two salt solutions on either side of a membrane, in which mechanical pressure is applied to the side with higher salinity.

The membranes through which the salt water passes at relatively high pressure are a vital part of the systems, separating the fresh water from the salt water.

All our standard systems use high quality *thin film composite* spiral wound membranes, which are protected in a fibre glass reinforced epoxy pressure vessel.

The processes are continuously monitored and controlled by a sophisticated PLC system which will give immediate warning and shut down if any of the vital process parameters are not within accepted limits.

The high-pressure axial piston pump is made from *duplex / super duplex* stainless steel material which is well known for its reliability and long service life, with an absolute minimum of maintenance required. The control cabinet is an integrated part of the unit, made from carefully selected components which will ensure long and trouble-free operation of the system.

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  • Capacity: 60 – 80 tons/day
  • Main dimensions from: L: 1,9m x W: 1,0m x H: 1,4m
  • Dry weight from: 890 kg
  • Power consumption: 18-23kW
  • Selected references: Odfjell, Seadrill, Floatel, Havila

Norwater AS is ISO 9001: 2008 certified