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When you have personally been responsible for the rewinding of sixteen 800 KVA, 12000V transformers for the Cabora Bassa hydro electric power station in Mozambique, your standing as an electrical engineer is unquestionable.

When you then are appointed to work for one of South Africa’s major trawling companies to maintain the electrical systems of their substantial fleet, then your standing as a highly qualified marine electrical engineer solidifies even more.

That describes Manuel Galheto to a “T”. Founder of Iberica Electrical (Cape Town) (Pty) Ltd in 1978. Manuel has turned this company into a totally dedicated marine electrical engineering organization. This has allowed the company to focus completely on the critical power needs of ships of all shapes and sizes.

Like all other companies within the Associated Marine Engineers’ consortium, Iberica Electrical clearly understands that their standard of electrical design, workmanship, installation and maintenance programming in a sea going situation can mean the difference between success and disaster for crew, cargo, the vessel and the business.

Be it the design and manufacture of a complete main switchboard, new refrigeration control panels, a complete AC installation, alarm panels for main engine, gearbox and auxiliary engines or simply the vessel’s lighting – each project is completed correctly first time. There is no second chances in marine electrical engineering. This is the attitude of every single employee at Iberica Electrical, an attitude that has earned this company a reputation for excellence and a place on the board of Associated Marine Engineers.

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