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Oil Spill Response Equipment

DESMI Ro-Clean A/S delivers a wide range of equipment for Oil Spill Response and Oil Spill Clean up. It is a full range of equipment and always state-of-the-art with regard to quality and design.






Oil Containment Booms for any type of environment:

Solutions for Coastal Environment and Calm waters:

  • A-BOOM, TROIL-BOOM GP/AF, light and easily deployable
  • RO-FENCE, OIL-FENCE, GLOBE-BOOM for a permanent installation, resistant to UV
  • RO-BOOM BEACH and TROILBOOM BEACH, ballasted with two tubes of water

Solutions for Offshore Environment:

  • PYRO-BOOM, allows for contained oil to be burned without impact to the boom
  • RO-BOOM, tested and proven in North Seas Harsh conditions, available in sizes 900 to3200mm
  • RO-KITE, allows for one vessel to deploy a RO-BOOM and collect oil

Oil Recovery and Storage Systems for all types of oil and conditions.

  • Wide Range of Skimmer Systems
  • DOP Pumps available in 3ea. different sizes DOP250, DOP160 & DOP100
  • Hydraulic Power Packs and hose sets with dedicated reels
  • RO-VAC, Vaccuum Pumps and storage Tanks
  • RO-TANK, offshore storage tank available in sizes 5-30m3
  • TROIL-TANK, light onshore storage tank available in sizes 1-10m3
  • Containerized or skid mounted integrated solutions for offshore

On-site Technical Support:

  • Commissioning upon delivery of equipment with deployment and testing
  • On-site Training to IMO standards, accredited by the Nautical Institute
  • Equipment Audits and Assessments
  • Rental Equipment for specific projects

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