Desmi BTWS


DESMI has joined forces with leading players and developed a superior in all aspects  Ballast Water Treatment System: DESMI Ocean Guard. 

Ships have various demands for ballast operation. Therefore, DESMI Ocean Guard has developed two solutions:

  • Low Pressure System
  • Pressurized System

A typical way of filling the ballast water tanks is to open the various valves and let the sea water flow into the tanks (gravity filling). When the ballast tanks are almost filled, the ballast pumps are put into operation until ballast water flows from the valves on the air-head pipes on open deck. This means that the tanks are filled and that there are no free-moving surfaces that can affect the stability of the vessel.

Gravity filling is possible with DESMI Ocean Guard when using a non-pressurized filter. As such a non pressurized filter takes up more space than a pressurized filter. This solution is mainly intended to be used in new-buildings.

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